Maré | cucina caffè spiaggia bottega


Maré was set up in the spring of 2010 in Cesenatico, nestled between a pier and the sea.
Ten years after, we went from that pier to Navigli; in 2021 we opened Maré in Milan.

Why Navigli?
Because everywhere else it was crowded with parked cars.
Because we found a stunning venue.
Because we have the best neighbours.
Because we like parks and picturesque houses.
Because we are close to the water.
Because we are always on the eastbound side, both in Cesenatico and Milan.
Because we always choose places where Leonardo da Vinci left his mark.
Because here the sun sets over the water.


We love our territory as much as we love the producers that make Emilia Romagna rich in both natural and gastronomical landscapes, from the sea to the hills. A part of this journey is the selection of the best raw materials, which means relying on the best local producers.
We have always been forging bonds that are not just limited to work, because the creation of a new dish is a process that starts with the deep knowledge of the raw materials.

Conviviality is the main concept at the foundation of our Menu, as it is one of the essential elements in Romagna’s cuisine. People are the real added value in every project, especially in our plan to bring Romagna to a new city, telling its story and tradition to people who have never been there.
We are glad to involve many local producers and provide them with a voice through our cuisine.
We serve our dishes with piadina, which is made with sea water: that is how fishermen used to make it: using water from the sea to cook and flavour their meals during the long days spent fishing.