Maré | cucina caffè spiaggia bottega
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Batija srl Address: via G. Pascoli 1/a, 47042 Cesenatico FC VAT numbers: 03517050401
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means things and people.
Means holidays, and light-hearted mood.
Means laughs, thoughts and ideas.
Maré is the Italian word for sea, but with an accent.
In our cuisine we mix tradition and evolution,
because we need to move forward
but we also need to remember where we came from.
We are craftsmen in love with our territory,
and we source our ingredients from local producers who share the same love,
because the creation of a new dish is a process that starts with the deep knowledge of the raw materials.
The sound you hear is part of a selection specifically
designed for every moment of the day
from our “sound designer”.
We only use photovoltaic energy or certified green energy.
We use rainwater to water our plants and garden.
Whenever possible, we use recycled or organic
materials, and every day we take several small 
actions to reduce our footprint as much as possible.


We love our territory as much as we love the producers that make our region so rich in both natural and gastronomical landscapes, from the sea to the hills. We have always been forging bonds that are not just limited to work, because the creation of a new dish is a process that starts with the deep knowledge of the raw materials.
Every day, Tradition and Evolution are the two concepts at the foundation of our menu, and our cuisine is an evolving tradition.
Constant research and experimentation combine with our roots that go deep into our territory and our sea. At the same time, we are open to influences, and we draw inspiration from the evolving techniques of other cuisines.


Maré is also a bakery, in the hearth of Cesenatico, where we knead the dough and let it rise to make bread and croissant. This is also where we make our bronze-cut and handmade pasta.
We believe that every single thing, action and choice should pursue an objective: from the first day, one of our objectives at Maré has been self-producing almost everything in our cuisine: Maré means craftsmanship in all of its shapes, in the materials, in the ideas and in the making process.
To fulfil our dream, we can count on the mastery of the Chef Omar Casali, who joined us in 2012. 

The light changes as the day goes by, penetrating through the large wood-framed windows and pervading the atmosphere.
Just like music, that sets the rhythm of every moment spent here, making it different and unique.
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